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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Quick Notice (let's make this happen)

Tomorrow, at 1pm, there is an open meeting about an English Department Literary Magazine in B609. If you are an English student at BCU you may have gotten a text about it. I fully intend to be there, and suggest anyone with an intrest does the same.

Towards the end of last academic year myself and another student, Alex Kent, attempted to get a literary magazine started. Due to a large dose of naivity, this dwindled to a couple of pages in the student union magazine, Spaghetti Junction. We never thought of suggesting it to the department and our knowledge of publising things like this was minimal. We received no submissions, and the page quickly starved to death.

I only hope that with the department backing us, and a fuller pannel of people working on it, this time will be different. We have a great Creative Writing course at BCU and the people on it deserve a place to showcase their work. Come on everbody, lets make this happen.


  1. Luke I really want to come to this meeting and I am really interested in writing for the magazine, unfortunately I'm working all day tomorrow. Can you put my name down on a list for me or let them know I'm interested please. I have instructed Lewis to do the same :)

    Thanks Vicky

  2. Hey man, I don't think I got that text and I'm probably a bit late but count me in, I'd love to help out