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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Actually, lets make THIS happen.

I've stayed largely quiet during the run up to the election. This is not due to any desire to stay out of the politics, although I am aware that other people are doing a better job of writing about it then I would have done. It's simply because I've been too busy with assignments and what-not to find the time. I have something none election-related which I've wanted to blog about for a week or so now, but that will have to wait. For today, I just wanted to pop on that I've been following the election via The Guardian, and they've managed to get me quite excited about the possibilities of a hung Parliament and the electoral reform which could follow. And the possibility of a liberal leaning government for the first time in my lifetime (New Labour clearly don't count).

Now though, on Election Eve, I can't escape nagging worries that the Conservatives will sneak a majority, or that Labour will somehow hold on to power. If that happens all this excitement will be for nothing, and the disappointment could even harm the Liberal cause (and that of all the smaller parties who struggle to get a look in under the current system) next time round, reinforcing the 'wasted vote' myth. So now I'm here, flying a garish orange flag and urging all of you to:

Vote Lib Dem

Especially if you live in Warwick or Lemington Spa (not that I have any vested interest).

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